Let’s face it—budgets are boring! When it comes to cash flow management, we prefer using the Live, Give, Owe, Grow plan. Money comes in and goes out, but we should control our money, not the other way around. Over time, if we spend less than we earn, we can pursue financial success. Inherent in this principle is sending our money to the right places.

For as complicated as money may seem, it only has four potential uses:

  1. We can live on it.
  2. We can give it away.
  3. We can pay what we owe in debt or taxes.
  4. We can make it grow through saving.

Since we control our money and not the other way around, which of these uses is most important to you? Which do you want to see as a smaller portion of your plan? The Live, Give, Owe, Grow exercise puts you in control.


  1. Take the Live, Give, Owe, Grow Assessment and see where you currently stand.
  2. As part of our discussions with you, we help you determine which portions you would like to increase or decrease and plan the action steps to make that happen.
  3. Year after year, we work with you to adjust your chart based on your money usage.
At Wealth Impact Advisors, we believe this is one more step toward improving your Return on Life with greater confidence, more contentment, financial freedom, and funded long-term goals..


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